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Logging and Log Rafts on the Mississippi

In the late 1800's the northern forests of Minnesota and Wisconsin were covered by stands of huge white pine, many of them over 200 feet tall. Now some of the only remaining stands are at Itasca State park. What happened? Hear the amazing tale of the logging of these majestic white pines. 

This fascinating story tells how millions of logs were brought down the Mississippi on lumber rafts by brave and daring men. This boom and bust era saw the beginning of log rafting, the introduction of steamboats and the destruction of the majestic white pine forests, all in one man's lifetime.

Steve is a master storyteller. He blends his in depth knowledge of logging history with his stories, images and rare film footage as he shares this incredible story.

 The Logging Boom incorporates American ingenuity and determination, river boat history, the limitless male ego, ecology and immigration. It is a 50 minute presentation.


 "Steve's program was entertaining and informative. I have lived in Minnesota my whole life and this was the first time I have learned so much about the timber and logging industry. Steve's winning personality easily holds your attention!" ... members, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  


About Steve

Steve and his wife JoAnn Funk are widely respected for their knowledge of the Mississippi River, gained through personal experience and years of study, exploration and conservation work. They are also professional musicians. Steve and JoAnn are guest speakers for American Cruise Lines as they travel the Mississippi, Ohio and Cumberland Rivers, using their lectures, seminars and music to share their knowledge of the river with everyone they meet.

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