Steve's New CD!

This is perfect for senior groups!

Bring your iPhone, iPad or that fancy digital camera with all those buttons and settings you could never quite figure out.

Steve walks you through the steps to taking great pictures, storing and sharing them. This is a very relaxed, low pressure talk. The goal is to make everyone feel comfortable with basic camera and sharing skills. Steve is a calming presence and this talk is always appreciated by those who are unsure of using their cameras and phones.

This is a very popular class- many questions are always asked. Steve takes great satisfaction in helping people with these skills! 

In addition to his speaking and musical skills, Steve is a professional wildlife photographer and filmmaker. His favorite subject is the Mississippi River and all its wildlife.

He has turned his passion for photography and film into his highly acclaimed show, Our Mighty Mississippi, a magical journey of song, storytelling and visual imagery celebrating America's greatest river. 

About Steve

Steve and his wife JoAnn Funk are widely respected for their knowledge of the Mississippi River, gained through personal experience and years of study, exploration and conservation work. They are also professional musicians. Steve and JoAnn are guest speakers for American Cruise Lines as they travel the Mississippi, Ohio and Cumberland Rivers, using their lectures, seminars and music to share their knowledge of the river with everyone they meet.


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