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Watch the trailer for A Visit from Will Dilg

Created for the centennial celebration of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. After his only son drowns in the Mississippi River, Will Dilg rises from the depths of Depression and transforms himself into a tireless, fanatic crusader. He forms the Izaak Walton League of America and sells the idea of a national refuge to the American People. This was the turning point in our American culture from filling in wetlands to preserving wetlands. The film features the flora, fauna, and scenery of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Baritone, Riverlorian, Photographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller   

Steve Marking plays Will Dilg in A Visit From Will Dilg

Steven Marking plays Will Dilg in an inspiring, one-man multi-media show. In the early 1920’s Will Dilg’s only son drowned in the Mississippi River. Dilg rose up from the depths of depression and mourning to become a tireless, fanatic firebrand – leading an extraordinary national crusade to form the Izaak Walton League and save a 261 mile stretch of Mississippi River Backwaters we now know as the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. While his life was cut short, his accomplishments are still legendary, and we all will benefit by hearing from him on the 100th Anniversary of the Refuge, which is June 7, 2024. The show will be available as a live presentation and as a documentary movie. 

Rave Reviews for Steve’s show “Our Mighty Mississippi”
Having worked on the Mississippi  for almost thirty years, and
paddled its length, I found “Our Mighty Mississippi” truly captures the river’s spirit.
John Sullivan, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The audience jumped to their feet for a standing ovation after Steven Marking’s show
“Our Mighty Mississippi”. Being we are a river town, folks could easily relate to the music,
stories and photos of this great river and Steven’s beautiful baritone voice and warm
presence made it even more captivating!
Kris Niebler, Program Director, Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Rave Reviews for Steve’s latest CD “Holy Chestnuts”
What a work of love this album is! The artistry of both Steven and organist Donald Livingston,
as they perform Victorian Anthems,  is of the highest order. This latest collaboration shows off their partnership both beautifully and meaningfully. 
Bill Mathis, Music Minister Emeritus
Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rave Reviews for Steve’s river talk “1811: A Roosevelt, A Comet, A Steamboat and the New Madrid Earthquakes”
By acting this story out you brought history to life! I had no idea we had earthquakes in the midwest – I never learned this in school!
Cruise Guest, American Cruise Lines