Steve's New CD!

 Baritone   Riverlorian   Photographer   Filmmaker 

Steven is a world class baritone with a charismatic presence. He has sung over 40 operatic and oratorio roles, soloed with symphonies and toured Italy, singing Italian art songs with Toscanini's grandson. He has performed for Minnesota Opera, The Schubert Club and soloed with The Metropolitan Symphony and Minnesota Chorale. His one man hit show, "Our Mighty Mississippi", has thrilled thousands. Steven is a riverlorian (river historian). educating people who travel the Mississippi, Ohio and Cumberland Rivers. Since his childhood in the Lutheran Church, he has always had a deep love for religious music, from classical to gospel and traditional hymns. He has recorded 5 CDs and 2 DVDs. His current best selling CD is "Grandma's Favorite Gospel Hymns". A true renaissance man, he is also a river photographer and filmmaker.


Steve is excited to be releasing Holy Chestnuts, a stunning and rare collection of Victorian Era Anthems. These are beautiful vocal works, many in the operatic tradition, meant to be performed as part of a church service. Since they stood on their own as great repertoire, they were often performed in salons and concert halls Steve has included the Lord's Prayer on this CD!  Available at, through PayPal on this website,  iTunes and all your favorite download places.