Riverscapes DVD

Riverscapes DVD: A Nature Film
Steve's best river film and photography. Slow moving images capture wildlife and river scenes in captivating detail. Only the sounds of nature and a bit of piano for accompaniment.

Riverscapes is Steve’s collection of his stunningly beautiful, peaceful nature photography and film from the Upper Mississippi River, with only the sounds of nature and gentle piano for accompaniment.

A perfect film for any river or wildlife lover. Steve is a master photographer and filmmaker, with a rare talent for patiently capturing the  beauty of the river. He captures wildlife, beautiful birds - from hummingbirds to eagles, flowers (Steve's favorite is the American Lotus) and sunsets. Gorgeous gentle images move slowly by, bringing a sense of calm and peacefulness. A perfect film for healing or for bringing back memories.

There is no singing or talking on this CD. Just the calm brought about by nature's own sounds, with a bit of gentle piano added in a few spots.





disc format
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