Our Mighty Mississippi DVD

Our Mighty Mississippi DVD
The DVD of Steve's hit show - all the songs, photography, video and stories!

The show that everyone raves about! Our Mighty Mississippi is a magical journey of song, storytelling and visual imagery celebrating the Mississippi River.

The DVD contains the complete show: all the songs, Steve’s amazing photography, video and stories! Song range from Ol’ Man River, Up A Lazy River, Deep River to Steve’s original compositions.

About Our Mighty Mississippi:

Steven Marking is a current day Mark Twain with a gorgeous voice. Add in a touch of Ken Burns and a bit of Garrison Keillor and you will see why Our Mighty Mississippi touches all who have ever dipped a toe into the Mississippi River, watched an eagle soar - or dreamed about it.

Steven Marking grew up on the Mississippi River on Brice Prairie in Wisconsin. He spent his childhood on or in the river, exploring the backwaters, fishing, hunting, swimming and skating. Thus began his life long love affair with our greatest river.

His stunning baritone voice and studies took him to the east coast, where he received a Master’s in vocal performance from Peabody Conservatory. He spent the next twenty years studying, touring and performing opera in the New York area. 

Yet the Mississippi River of his boyhood kept calling him back and finally, after twenty years, he heeded its call. He returned to the midwest, to the great river of his youth and discovered a new passion and remarkable skill for photographing and filming all things Mississippi River.  He weaves his incredible photographic talents with his stunning voice and incredible knowledge of the river to create “Our Mighty Mississippi”, a show that has now been seen and loved by thousands of people.

In Our Mighty Mississippi  Steven Marking shows you beautiful and thrilling views of our greatest river, sights that you are unlikely to ever see unless through the lens of his camera. He shares fascinating bits of river lore and tells humorous stories of personal mishaps on the river. And the singing! He is a master of all styles of music. The music in the show ranges from “Ol’ Man River” to Aaron Copeland’s “The Boatmen Dance” to  “Up A Lazy River” to his own original song, the bluegrass tinged “Gone Fishin”. A master storyteller, he weaves tales of river lore throughout his show.

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