Lord Here Am I

Lord, Here Am I

by Steven Marking

Released 2008
Released 2008
Beautiful heartfelt singing on contemporary Christian songs, from The Master's Hand to songs by Bill and Gloria Gather. Renowned baritone Steven Marking is joined by pianist Dottie Cross.

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Steve loves singing in churches. He received a master's in vocal performance from Peabody and has had a successful opera and oratorio career. But his heart and spirit has always remained in the churches, in church music. He grew up a "Norwegian" Lutheran and grew to love the old hymns - so much so that he recorded an album of them; Grandma's Favorite Gospel Hymns, and can often be found leading an old fashioned hymn sing. He also loves the more classical church music; his CD Holy Chestnuts is a collection of Victorian anthems.
It was his friendship and working relationship with Dottie Cross, begun in 2004, that introduced him to many of these contemporary Christian pieces.
"Every couple of months she would bring me a new song that seemed to fit my voice and style so well. But when she brought me "It Is Finished," it was the words that moved me to tears, so profoundly did they echo the struggles I was going through in my life.
Steve and Dottie decided to record this CD together, which they did in 2008. Ten years later, the songs are as beautiful and timeless as they were then. The CD has been released in 2018.
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